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Hamid Circus, Inc. had its genesis in the tiny town of Broumana, Lebanon, where a small boy practiced the national pastime of tumbling through the dirt streets of this Mid-Eastern community.

This is how it began for George A. Hamid, Sr., co-founder, along with Robert Morton, of Hamid-Morton Circus, now Hamid Circus, Inc.

After traveling to America in 1907 with the Buffalo Bill Wild West show, Hamid, Sr. progressed from performer to theatrical agent to circus owner. The partnership with Robert Morton resulted in a show, which eventually became one of the largest producers of sponsored circuses in the United States.

Using Morton’s ability to contract with Shrine organizations and his own contacts with agents and shows all over the world, Hamid, Sr. was able to bring the very best attractions to American Circus patrons.

When Robert Morton passed away in 1957 ownership of the circus passed into the sole control of the Hamid family where it remains today.

George, Sr. operated the show from 1957 until his death in 1971 when control then went to George A. Hamid, Jr., where it became one of the varied entertainment ventures run by Hamid, Jr.

In 1997, George, Jr. went into semi-retirement and Hamid-Morton became Hamid Circus, Inc. under the ownership of James M. Hamid, Sr., grandson of the legendary circus pioneer.

Since 1998, the circus route has tripled, a second and third unit has been created and all new lighting and equipment has been put into use under the Supervision of Vice President and Production Manager James M. Hamid, Jr., who is now the fourth generation of Hamids’ to be involved in this sawdust spectacular.

HAMID CIRCUS, INC. has expertly moved from one century to the next -- YOUR CIRCUS FOR THE MILLENIUM!


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